Business Marketing Campaigns | Creative Director

● Integrated Marketing
• ATL,BTL & Activation for brands

● Digital Marketing
•Define multi-channel growth strategies including influencer marketing
•Develop and manage campaigns aligned with business requirements
•Engage in early planning; coordinate with relevant parties; oversee entire design implementation process; ensure accurate and quality outputs
•Provide overall creative visual solutions, including branding and event design
•Clients:West Cultural Kowloon District, FTLife, AXA, Tone Music, DeTour, Leisure & Culture Services Department, Hong Kong Tourism Board, KTSP, and more
● External Collaboration  
•Control design tonality of projects, constantly explore the boundaries of creativity
•Maximise effectiveness through collaborations 

External Collaboration



ACOO Communication Strategy
  • Expand the platform network for broader reach.
  • Utilize influencer impact to enhance brand appeal
  • Build stylish and chic brand image, also build portfolio  for future business opportunities 
  • Vertically engage with music-related communities and followers

TONE MUSIC Content Strategy
  1. To introduce 未來音樂選 in a great depth to the public
  2. To promote the TONE MUSIC AWARDS
  3. Encourage Votes for awards

Message: 有得揀

ACOO Deliverables:
  • Youtube Videos incoporate with ACOO programmes
    ( In-Depth Interview X 1 , backstage variety X 1  )
  • Instagram Channel Editorial /Write up Contents
    (Featring the concept of music awards and intro to music genres, tease for votes 2 weeks before the award day)
  • Instagram stories
    (Objective: Faciliate sharing and follows, heat up before award show)


ACOO PR effect:
  • Successfully attracted followers with significant names from different industries through instagram content, although the follower count is not seemingly high. It exerted very positive effect to ACOO’s further development in terms of reputation, networking and relations
  • ACOO's awareness has greatly increased by partnering with famous channels

  • Receive another partnership invitaion by partner in the TONE team


Marketing Campaigns


FTLife | Branding programmes on annual theme “你都可以做世一” 
Empower individuals to pursue their best selves with FTlife

  • Featuring three inspiring stories:
    • Ms. Curry: Doctor pursuing her dream as a dancer-singer ( Well-known by public, good looking, well educated with postive image ) 
    • A Dad: Accountant following his passion for drumming while providing for his family ( Relatable to parents )
    • FTlife Actuary: Empowering staff to achieve goals like completing HK's longest hiking route ( Reinforcing FTlife corporate image )

ACOO Content & Communications Strategy
  • Incorporate platform content within a commercial context
  • Explore commercial business opportunities to increase platform revenue further


Content idea:

FTLife | Earn & Burn
K Dollar, level up your spending on insurance

Communications Strategy
-Luna is an up-and-coming indie singer-songwriter within the Gen Z demographic.
-Rewrite Luna's famous song "我唔鍾意錢" (I Dislike Money) to “我鍾意錢“ (I Like Money) which incorporates the concept of comprehensive coverage through FTL insurance and K-dollar perks. 

Original “我唔鍾意錢“ (I Dislike Money) by Luna Is A Bep

ACOO Content & Communications Strategy
  • Enhance the stylish brand image by leveraging business opportunities
  • Develop and demonstrate a robust commercial portfolio

FTLife Social Channel Revamp

West Kowloon Cultural District

WKCD Learning Programme - The Dance We Made 



WKCD 舞台劇 “大壯王” 宣傳


Other WKCD programmes content promotions

Hong Kong Tourisim Board 



Leisure Culture Service Department 

HONG KONG POP CULTURE FESTIVAL 2023 | Branding -Creative & Visual Identity | Theme Creative

BTL Application 

Creative - Kick Off Programmes Combo Video -THEME-LINE + VIDEO CONCEPT  

Kick Off Video And Event Highlight 

Festival Programs Promotional Content

Instagram content  (Click to see post content)

Pre Production Example:

Performance Review

LCSD Phase Two

ACOO Activation

盡做 香港匠人展 | Give It All - One Craft One Life

To promote ACOO's content platform, we featured our heavyweight program "Give It All 盡做" in collaboration with 'elixir,'
a cafe popular among stylish young people in Sheung Wan where known for its rich cultural context.
The goal of this collaboration was to boost the brand's reputation within the first year of launching the content platform and to establish a Hong Kong-focused brand image by converting our social media content into a physical exhibition.

  • Build and promote ACOO's cultural and fashionable image to resonate with local Gen Z groups
  • Conduct a pilot test to explore the potential for intellectual property (IP) related to Hong Kong culture
  • Pilot test cross-brand collaborations

  • Oversaw the exhibition project from ideation to production, handling planning, coordination, press arrangements, even the ticketing logistics in only one month time
  • Project Management
  • Collaborated with a diverse network of influencers for influencer marketing
  • Organized PR events
  • Implemented creative strategies

/ 品味耕耘背後的甘苦 /
《盡做 — 香港匠人展》於上環elixir咖啡店舉行,以視覺展覽的方式,呈現6位香港匠人背後的點點滴滴。為了讓外籍人士也能了解他們的故事,展覽文字中英對照,影片亦特別加上了英文字幕。


是次展覽,得到文字設計師、叁語設計合伙人 / 設計總監陳濬人授權,以「香港北魏真書」字體打印出展覽場地門口的「盡做香港」 4隻大字。這款字體極具香港特色,與展覽主題遙相呼應。
此外,店方更為是次活動,特別調製出充滿本土味道的「啡走」,和推出由本港年輕插畫師Ivy Sin繪製封面的限量drip bag,令展覽別具意義。

《盡做 — 香港匠人展》
地點:上環美輪街9號 elixir

「香港北魏真書」在 40 至 70 年代於香港盛行,常見於招牌,由已故書法家區建公先生提字,文字清晰分明,適合遠距離閱讀,於2012 年起由陳濬人開始保育,並設計成電腦字體。


關於「ACOO|Make Tomorrow Better」


︎︎︎Event Highlights

Sooner Music Background:
Music can be a hobby, a lifelong career, or a persistent passion. "Sooner Music 盡早音樂" is a collaboration with renowned musician Chiu Tsang Hei, stemming from ACOO's "Give It All 盡做" series. It showcases the journeys of young musicians, highlighting their dedication to music and how it has transformed their lives. The aim of "Sooner Music" is to ignite the love for music among the youth and offer support to unwavering musicians.

Communications Strategy:
  • Foster strong relations with Producer Chiu Tsang Hei to enhance long-term collaborations
  • Mark ACOO's debut in the Hong Kong music scene through "Sooner Music," potentially influencing industry connections, cultivating a stylish brand image, and generating music-related content
  • Attracted to K11 Art Mall, a property owned by New World Development, following the relaxation of pandemic restrictions

  • Develop and execute content strategies
  • Manage all communication initiatives
  • Enhance the brand with a contemporary flair
  • Utilize and synergize group’s resources effectively
  • Supervise content planning and explore innovative content ideas
  • Plan and organize activation open to the public
  • Produce exceptional communication materials within budget constraints
  • Expand the Art & Cultural portfolio to pave the way for future partnerships

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