S O C I A L   A W K W A R D N E S S 


IKEA finally launches the online shopping service in Hong Kong, which absolutely a perfect news to people!


The IKEA ONLINE idea is illustrated by a stun happened in IKEA.
A group of kids, jumping “ON” a “Line” in IKEA literally, plus a  catchy childhood song with lyrics re-wrote.
Idea is cheap, decision of execution is everything.
A gag with adorable kids and a punchy song almost every local knows made the simply fun.

Starting out, we were trapped by the word “Online”. We did think of numbers of idea ride on online habit, online channels, even live streaming reality show. However, after several back and forth with client, we then considered the content itself could be the real matter part.
Like, if the message is simple, why would we need to tell it in a complex way?  What makes things go viral? What stops you scrolling when you checking out the phone?
We asked. It would be something purely fun.
No matter marketers or creative, simply fun ads is difficult. Because simply fun is simply personal. It is hard to present, hard to explain, hard to report, hard to come up with mutual agreement…Yet, as a crazy team, co-operating with a fully-supporting client (luckily), it happens!


Do we need to make the medium very ONLINE / DIGITAL when we are promoting an online service?


A frequently asked question has been banging on my mind.
This project was the most unsure portfolio to me, also an answer to the quest.
Sometimes, the medium itself does present the level of a brand, tell the brand by how it is presented. Yet, if the content is strong enough, it would also be effective even the medium is as old school as a print out on wall.
Like this is just another 30secs video putting on one Facebook page.


The content has been sooooooo wrong throughout the very right marketing process.
Particularly, when you have get used to explain every single stoke in your design. Such fun piece is simply too hard to convince people in the meeting room.
However, unexpectedly, such wrong piece had created the best noise in my advertising career.
So I learnt. I learnt to worry when I believe everything is on the absolutely right track, that might be too safe.Your judgement would plays the key role if you feel uncomfortable to the purely simple idea,
In the age of exaggerate, I learnt to do wrong things. The sense of error bangs!

IKEA HK introduces new(ish) earworm for online sales launch


Creative Lead: Andrew Lee
Associate Creative Director: Ronald Chong
Senior Art Director: Chris Leung
Art Director: Wai Wai Wai , Enson Chan, Au