All Day Fresh  [ Dettol ]



2014 marks one of the hottest summers in Hong Kong throughout the years. Together with the rain, the heat and humidity leave us feeling so sticky and uncomfortable.


This summer, Dettol brings ‘freshness’ to Hong Kong people with its new Dettol Lasting Fresh Bodywash. With cucumber extracts, it gives not only a refreshing shower experience, but a long lasting feel of freshness that could be carried along all day against the heat.


Call for action-
(1) Event / (2) Apps Engagement



To bring this idea alive, we take Dettol Bodywash out of bathroom and provide a total “refreshing” experience by designing a mobile app to offer consumers a platform to engage with a local celebrity (who’s renowned for her cool & candid personality) through an interactive game.

To further go against the climbing temperature, we collaborated with XTC, one of HK’s leading gelato brand, for developing a tailor-made, first in HK Cucumber Ice-cream, to reward the app game players, refreshing their taste buds with succulent cucumber.

They are all brought together by the event held at Excelsior Plaza, one of the hottest and most visited places in Causeway Bay, to further engage consumers with interactive game booths while serving cool ice cream. A great way to realize the product benefit while providing long-lasting freshness to them on the spot from inside out!

Videos and photos can be shared across social media platforms.


The result is so encouraging with over 10,000 times app downloads in 2 weeks time, over 3600 video photos sharings and more than 720,000 reaches on online platform. interactions at facebook/ instagram, The event generated more than 6,000 visits and 4,000+ cones of ice-cream are redeemed.

The campaign also drew a brilliant sales growth of 20% of Dettol Bodywash, that brings Dettol to a record high shares in the market!

Instead of air-conditioning or rain, the city is now freshened up by Dettol!



Creative Director: Kenneth Tung
Associate Creative Director: Rachel Lo
Senior Art Director: Brenda Ting
Assistant Art Director: Wai Wai Wai
Copywriter: Ealon Li


Marketing Events Awards 2015
Best Product Launch category for Dettol

The MARkies Awards 2015
Silver - Best Idea - Experiential