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How would we bring the IKEA global theme ‘Make room for life’ to resonate with Hong Kong working people & build brand love to all participants? 

Make room for work: Be a friend of IKEA
We themed the IKEA Recruitment Day a special one as we found HK employees’ working attitude has shifted more on values: Community / Sustainable / Good cause, rather than solely income.
IKEA upholds values of simplicity, togetherness, hierarchy-free, and caring. The uniqueness of every employee is treasured like how we see friends around us in life.
If people are looking for better everyday life at work, why not get started with a working environment surrounded by buddies? An environment you would find  comfortable to speak up, providing honest solutions, able to renew and improve together.

Job interview with friends, like how you would work in IKEA
To upfront the theme “Be a friend of IKEA”, we suggested a little gimmick on the recruitment day which is to bring your friend to interview with. So, you would present in your most relaxing and genuine way.  During the interview, you might also allow your friend introduce you to the interviewer. To see if anything that your friend can share with us about you genuinely.

The recruitment event was held in the Tsuen Wan store where the future staff would work at. A satisfactory result is found and most of them did bring their close one been the interview. Some even unexpectedly brought their little child, mum in her eighty... sharing the crew lots of interesting and touching stories!

A Souvenir that can share in SOCIAL:

After the whole interview journey, participants can go to Instagram photo booth that map IKEA uniform on the picture, added with #Friendsof宜家,upload to your IG, can get the printed picture attached with purchase coupon for NEW SHOP.

Creative Lead: Andrew Lee
Associate Creative Director: Ronald Chong
Senior Art Director: Chris Leung
Art Director: Wai Wai Wai

Project in Feb 2017