HIGHLLOWEEN | The Peak Galleria

Experience design


Hong Kong is considered the Halloween capital of Asia.  Ghostly horror atmosphere is up in the air throughout October. All arcades, at all size, all themed to seize business opportunities.
Peak Galleria is not an exception as it is the icon of tourism.

Challenge | Aim | Objective
The brief is vague, say to get The Peak Galleria become the talk of the town.
Meanwhile bringing horror with sales, making both visitors and tenants happy in the months.

Tenants says the loudest in commercial property ecosystem. The truth is mall activities are invested to bring business opportunities to them. So our campaign is expected not to bother any to them.
How to turn the mall in the dark without switching the lights off ? How to build up sense of horror along with kid’s laughters? How to built a scaled horror house in the budget of a horror room? That were the challenges we took.

Target are family household & youth, which always contradicted in expectation.
Family and kids has set laughters as the campaign basis rather than trillers.
So the challenge was how to stir up the expected to something unexpected?




The truth:  “When you turned off the sound of a movie, it is no scary at all.”a famous film director said.
Sound, became the root of our campaign idea.

Clown in your mind been someone to create laughters?
Ever think about what ideas are behind with the red nose, sparkling eyes and exaggerated smile?
Situated yourself next to the murder clown, listen thorough the trilling grunts of murdering.
Laughters or trillers could you find on the mountain?

Key Visual


Creepy laughters turns on whenever someone pass by the bus shelter in the town. Invitation token will just come out from the ticket booth!
Normally, people regard trip to the peak as tourisy itinerary or a short trip out of their hassle life. It’s seldom a place to go normally. So to get awareness via the touch points in the city central do helps driving traffic to the peak!

We just won’t let the haunted sound stops there.
We gonna make the town immerse with the clown laughters! Under the theme of “Sounds”, we gonna play with the cinema Dolby surround.
We would turn the bouncing balls teaser to be our creepy clown voice memo. It just grabs ones’ attention unexpectedly during the wait.
Especially in the black out atmosphere.

Transcript :
[ Black out ]
( Sounds of steps ) > ( Screaming )
Clown: “ shhhhhhhhh~ keep your voice down….”
( Grunting ) > ( Sounds of switching on an electric saw ) > ( Sounds of murdering by a saw ) > ( screams )

[ On screen: A clown slowly pulls the curtain ]
Clown: “ Your turn after the movie, enjoy…”
(clown laughs)
[ Titles: October  Bloody sounds, The Peak” ]

The clown hijacks!
A strange vocal tape invades radio programmes and bunch of social platform of KOLs. Some of the information were covered by the voice of a clown. Audience are invited to dig out what are the hidden info? Who are able to find it out successfully, would be invited to take the lead with other influencers to the opening party at the peak!

[ Transcript : Strange vocal tape  ]
“ You know why clown loves to laugh? Because once I laugh, you would scream…( clown laughs ) …….it’s …..the 8th of October…..6..o-o’clock ( sounds of electric saw ), just come play and give me company at The peak, if you got the courage to!
HaHa….I would wait for you with my most sincerest laughters…( clown laughs )”

[ Transcript : On KOL’s feed ]
Finally….the mental game invitation….
For the first 10 who helped me out, you probably received the invitation on the 8th, October. Join me, take the challenge of the clown!


Joker Says

( creepy audio reference click here )

Make use of the tecnique “audio spotlight” ( reference click here ), we could create Joker Says spots across the mall.  


The Clown Mouth

You would hear the evil laughters whenever in or out
SFX : ( Clown laughs ) “ Welcome…I’ve been waiting you for long…”


Bloody Death Fountain

The iconic fountain has been shaded over with the bloody red lights. Immersed with the chilling sounds of drowning.
SFX : ( Sounds of drowning ) “ A bit bored of playing water alone, why don’t you come give me company?”


Evil jack in the box  
Huge clown right in the Atrium. Kindly warned DO NOT TOUCH the box, otherwise, your own risk


Killing knife throw Array 

Show time! Be the assistant of clown, perform a great show of knife throwing!  While you're posing, photographing, the sounds of throwing knife is just toooooooo close.
SFX: ( Sounds of knife throwing) “Oooops, almost hit the bullseye. ”


Creepy Mirror

There’s something…Look! It’s the clown!
SFX: “ Hey…..I’m right behind you!”


The mental circus

Putting you into numbers of mental acrobatics. Take picture crazily, bloody sounds are everywhere.


The surprise attack 

Watch out!  The Clown is going to attack surprisingly everywhere in the mall.
SFX “ Guess where I am ? Up! 


ESCAPE - Horror House

Rules: Put on the headset, get into the clown’s murder studio…
First person angle experiencing with murder stories…. Killing, mutilation, organs hollowing, putting bodies out of sight… SUDDENLY, the clown pop up, tracing you, could you able to get rid of him OR be the next victim…?


Naughty red noise voice changer
Put on it, turn your voice like a naughty clown anytime anywhere!


The little clown is never the main in Halloween,
Why not judo let this little naughty be the key person today?
The red nose would turn over the aura of Halloween!


Photo op right outside the metro exit
Put on the red nose, take as much photos as you want! 



On Saturday, Clown is gonna twist balloons in all interesting forms with a red nose on!

Manson was the winner of international balloon twisting competition. The team has created the 1.8 meter height “The Aqua King “, which is one of the famous portfolios.

/ When it came to reality /



Group Creative Director: Francis Chung
Copywriter: Penny Lau
Senior Art Director: Shadow Ng
Art Director: Wai Wai Wai

We, the team did all the ideas / layouts, as well as the never end presentations. It’s been the marjority of the project. Yet, we all left the company in the execution stage, so it’s very upseting to know most of our names had been replaced by the others on the credit list :(   Even the credits list for awards.

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Marketing Event Awards 2017 -
Gold in the Best Mall Event

Project in May 2016