Mandatory Provident Fund Authorityº(MPFA)

People see advertising as colour, talents, copywriting, printing, filming, media buying. Yes, they are all part of. However, when we do advertising, we know it is more about understanding, information filtering, consolidating, organising, negotiating and directing prior to the execution.

No stunning visual you might seems, the most challenging part of the project is to articulate the communication message from tons of information indeed.

Background :

Mandatory Provident Fund Schemes ( MPF ) is like the National Insurance program in Hong Kong carries out by the govt: An investment program imposes to all individual working force, preparing for their retirement. 

“Default Investment Strategy (DIS) “ is a supporting measure carried by Hong Kong government imposed to all MPF accounts being ignored by individuals.

When individual takes no preference on any MPF scheme, the account will automatically goes for the DIS which composed by two traits:  

i) Admin fee cap

Under the fund of DIS, administration fee to individual is capped. It won’t goes beyond the certain level when people choose to ignore or never made decision on any investment scheme.

ii) Auto adjust on risk level   

DIS is kind of a fund would automatically alters the risk level according to one’s age. The younger the more aggressive, the elder the stabler scheme it might opt for. 




TO CUT IT SHORT, the measure is like a scale imposed on admin fee and risk level, ensure the administration cost won’t be charged unreasonably with individual’s ignorance, and would stabilise the risk level according to one’s age. The strategic scheme is beneficially neutral, nothing to do with “better” nor “worst”, as individuals still required to bare the investment risk of the scheme, which gains can never be guaranteed.

Challenge :
Even the team ourselves took quite a long time to digest the mechanism behind DIS.
It is a real challenge to come up the advertising message for working force, from fresh graduates to seniors, who might involves big differ on education level.
Besides, once it is on behalf of govt authority, there is no grey area:
︎ No any misleading association, 100% straight forward, 100% accurate.
︎ Deliverables should be as stupid as possible to facilitate understanding by everyone.
︎ Positive, authoritative , Informative.

We decided to separate the advertising message out of the complicated DIS mechanism.

We questioned what is the core value with this measure on behalf of the authority? It’s the positive attitude of the government whom proactively optimise the retiring system indeed.

So we try to make the communication idea simple:
To get every work force to believe we’re just one of them. We share the same value, always doing for the better, by proofing with initiate to polis the retirement system better.

Client is greedy, they want to tell a book thick message.
How could we tell everything in the 30secs commercial?

Brother KWAN, was a very young award
winning singer-songwriter from a talent show.

Been wandering in the TV station for several years, he’s been regarded as a very side talent in audience eye. The most buzzed dark history of his was being assigned as a walking chess in TV variety show. 

His talent had been undervalued until his first popular song was being recognised.

We selected KWAN as our endorsor because he got the typical spirits shared by HongKongnese, which are down to earth, endurable and always work hard for the better future.

More importantly, he is in his age which never think about retirement, let alone to take a glance on any retirment plan. That’s exactly what our targets do.

KWAN’s endorsement reflects the upside on getting the MPFA’s back, back him up on his ignorance on future.


Key Visual:

Fun Educational videos:


“Thin-sliced Tofu”


“Global Gourmet Mix”


“Auto-served Dumplings”

Agency : DDB HK
Group Creative Director: Francis Chung
Senior Art Director: Shadow Ng
Copywriter: Penny Lau
Art Director: Wai Wai Wai

We, the team, prepared all the ideas / layouts / scripts and underwent numbers of back and forth presentation.  Unfortunately, we all left the company right before the production stage.